Extracurricularsss (Nice Girls)

A film by Joule Seventeen

Starring Lydia Touchton

Hair by Maria Blair

Makeup by Micaela Cleary

Wardrobe provided by Buffalo Exchange Boerum Hill

extracurricularsss (nice girls)

I loved believing in you.
It was one of the only things I remembered how to do.
I had my faith shaken,
I had been given every reason to leave, but I stayed.
Days went by and I waited for something to happen,
for anything to change.
Always looking for signs of life
in places I shouldn’t.

“Am I not a nice Girl?
...this doesn’t happen to nice Girls.”

Some would say, “That’s the devil”,
Taking over different bodies to test me;
A manifestation of the
biggest hill I’ll ever climb:
Learning the value of life
over society’s “self”

“You think you’re something special,
way above it all.
You had a handful of silver
when you told me you were falling in love.
I know you just love how
I make you feel.”

There is no balance when one side of two lives
is hanging on by a thread.
I don’t know how to hold on to someone so selfish,
When I live in a world where attention is CURRENCY.

The only magic we have left
is to believe in ourselves,
And the bravest choice on earth
is accepting yourself.

“I have helped
too many hearts through this.
I can’t do it anymore.”

And In the fleeting moments
Where I feel like the luckiest person alive,
I pray that bliss will find me when I die;
Unaware of what i have to lose,
Totally submitting to the ephemerality of life.