Best or worst

A film by Joule Seventeen


best or worst

imagine the world where i’VE never heard of you
and you’Ve never heard of me
The greatest gift I can give is to make you uncomfortable
To feel anything at all is lucky.
I’VE never been so disinterested in pain.
Maybe I died a long time ago and I just don’t know it.
Genius can’t be measured.
I’ll upset you. I upset everyone
Don't you wish you could hear this song?
It doesn’t matter how much you don’t care,
just keep trying to make people listen.
People see you how they wanna see you
I don’t see you at all and I don’t care.
A girl in the shape of a boy,
a boy in the shape of a man.
A man in the shape of her,
so draw your conclusions in the shape you prefer.
I don’t wanna see it.